The Matrix (movie) is heavily underrated (not andrew tate)

when most people with an IQ under 20 think of The Matrix they go ANDREW TATE!!!1 ESCAPE THE MATRIX1!!! but i’m talking about the first movie (only one i’ve watched so far)
the effects too are unbelievably ahead of their time

Okay but like, we are in a matrix and they are coming for us

shut up you brainwashed cretin
you believe a fucking movie is real i bet your parents are real proud you virgin

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You don’t capitalise your i’s yet I’m supposed to believe you have an IQ over 20

I can easily capitalise my I’s, check it out, not everyone on the internet uses grammar, at least I don’t speak like a 12 year old white girl

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Oh no! Oh fuck you got me, im devastated right now.

I am proud of you though you’re improving through my guidance, soon ill teach you how not to be a raging loser whos never felt the touch of a woman but baby steps first my friend, baby steps.

very brave of you to try and call me a virgin when you only have the brain capacity to moderate on 4chan and fail miserably to pick up women who only go for drug dealers and prison boyfriends

and when you stop replying, i know i’ve won

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Ouch, sound’s like you’re speaking from past experience, you had some issues with getting cucked in the past? damn man, your girls be going to druggies and criminals, I feel bad for you but that’s life, some can’t perform up to standard.

that last part’s kinda braindead though, I’ll keep going until it’s no longer fun, this shit is pretty fun so far, we gotta increase the creativity though otherwise it’s gonna get boring, say some wild shit that people don’t hear from the average obese gamer.

an OK reply, still have to consider a fact that you believe that a fuckin movie is real once you see some bald head human trafficker (and suck him off at his 1 bajillion dollar course presumeably)

plus do you even know what cucked means?

last part calling me kinda braindead is very fucking braindead, it’s always gonna be fun for me because I know that your opinions are flat out wrong

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Im confused, do you think im being serious in what im saying lol, surely you’re not that gullible.

what opinions lol, ive just called you a cuck and a loser.

you pull out the ‘i was joking’ card because you just pissed your pants and realised you couldn’t win.
also the opinions i talk about are your wrong ‘‘opinions’’ (aka lies and misinformation) about ‘‘the matrix’’ coming from someone who probably hasn’t watched the movie

plus i’m the exact opposite of gullible, it seems you don’t know anything about me and you’re still trying to make a false claim to win this argument where you’re only winning in your head because of your massive ego to try to compensate with your massive shlong

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Fine, the jigs up, the matrix is real, I just had to pretend it wasnt.

the matrix is gonna come after you, im informing them right now, you fucked up big time pal, im a professional who has been in the game for 67 years, I know thing’s that could shake the very core of this earth, but the matrix have silenced me.

you are not gullible, definitely not, I would never completely talk out of my ass and have you believe everything that is said, you are certainly projecting a lot of your issues out in public, currently we have you being cucked by criminals, having a small penis and getting bullied at school, I added the last part cause it makes sense, it also makes sense that you’re girls be leaving for criminals due to your lack of length, I bet it looks like one of those mini pringles cans you can get for 80p

  1. 3rd paragraph - you’re twisting my words, i never even mentioned you being a cuck (because you don’t even know what that means then because you have the mentality of a 7 year old) and you’re the one with a micromicropenis

  2. 1st/2ndparagraph - Made me have a fucking brain aneurysm. Please be joking. Also the ‘‘jig’’ is that you were saying at the start that the matrix was real then apparently you changed your mind twice in the time span of a few days? Are you having an argument with the other side of your brain? Are you schizophrenic? Do you need to go to the hospital? For your nonexistent cock?

  3. Last paragraph again - Why did you describe my cock in great length? Are you gay and you just hit puberty and you’ll try to fuck any person with a pulse? Even if my cock ‘‘looked like one of those mini pringles cans you can get for 80p’’ they’d be texas BBQ because your bitch suckin on that thang

Next you’re gonna tell me you dont support Trump.

You just keep repeating the same thing over and over, refer back to the creativity statement for more reference, we get it, you are ashamed of your small manhood so you want to hammer it down that someone else has your issue. Im sure you have something more interesting to say

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if you cant see that we are in the matrix and have to break out, the agents already have you, you have been brainwashed by the matrix pilled liberals, your opinions on this is now invalid because of this. please educate youreself online about this topic, before trying to comment on it


at least i know you’re joking

You think this is some kind of joke? L4bell has been in the matrix far longer then any of us don’t disrespect him.
damned liberals.

go suck some cock

Dick is all you talk about huh

MAGA 2024

No wonder you talk about dick so much, you must be a closet gay
Now give someone else the glug glug