The results are in!


The survey is now closed. Thanks for all the answers that everyone gave. As promised, here’s some of the results that you guys might find interesting, and a bit of commentary as to what I’m going to do with them.

It’s pretty interesting to see such a wide spread of people taking this survey.

Why did you join HarrysMod?

There’s way, way too many answers to list here, but here’s some highlights:

  • 16.3% of people said the community (im surprised too)
  • 18.3% said the inventory system
  • 21.2% said no downloads

Here’s some good answers I picked out

In hindsight this question was pretty dumb since I didn’t actually realise how many people hadn’t played both events. I’m also pretty surprised at how many people had played neither event considering the levels and time played from people who answered the survey.

Why did you prefer the event you selected?

Here’s some answers from people that played both events:



Interestingly the results were split almost 50/50 between Christmas and Halloween from people that had played both events. Most people that had played both events said that they liked the event they picked because of the extra stuff that it provided. I’ll definitely be taking this into account with future events. What was also interesting was that more people thought the Halloween event provided greater incentive to play.

Generally you guys wanted to see more of what had already been done in events- special things to do in rounds, event limited lootboxes, etc.

What keeps you coming back to HarrysMod?

Quite a few people put “the community” as or in their answer (yeah still shocked at this one)
Here’s a few good answers I picked out

What do you hate the most about HarrysMod?

Thanks to the 5 people who wrote “harry” or “the owner” for this question.
The majority of the answers for this category were about RDM or staff not being online enough. I’m working on measures to improve this but finding staff I feel are suitable is pretty hard.

Most people that rated 3 did so because the staff aren’t active enough. Again, there’s not many people I can trust with staff but I am figuring out ways to mitigate this. Funnily enough the most unpopular staff members are the ones that, in my eyes, get the most done (but I won’t be naming them here)

In hindsight this question was a bit silly, I would have liked to know why some people had said no. If you said no and want to explain why please leave a reply, since I’m interested to know what I can do to make you feel more rewarded.

New traitor weapons are coming very, very soon.

Guess you guys don’t like discord very much. Quite interested as to why exotic items were so controversial, if you said that they didn’t appeal to you I’d be interested to know your reasoning.

And finally, the most important question:
45.2% of you are wrong
what the fuck are you even doing with your life if you dont like steak

Thanks again for all your responses. I’ll be using these as a guideline for what to do with the server this year. Keep in mind development is really, really going to slow down past March since I’ve got some pretty important exams coming up and I won’t have as much free time as I have previously.


You’ll each be getting 5 special survey lootboxes, which are just standard lootboxes but not tradeable. These will be given out over the next 3 days since the process needs a lot of manual work. Rest assured that they are coming, and feel free to PM me if you don’t get them by Sunday.



In the “select the feature which appeals to you the least” the “discord bot” is repeated twice. R I P


Great to see that you keep in touch with the community and ask us for what WE, the community want. And one of my comments was featured :slight_smile:


Who ever voted for a discord sync with vip is some dumb cunt who thinks they’ll be able to abuse votekick in discord


wait what about marketplace


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My luck is just fucking terrible, like always

Great survey though


I said yes on this, but i would just like to add something onto that, you get much less rewarded later during the day because the reward for winning MVP has no scaling, its the same with 8 people or 28 people online, even tho its much much harder to get MVP with 28 people. it feels kind of bad playing with many people online when you know you could get so many more items playing when there is just 8-12 players online.

i don’t really care because i work different hours so i can often come on and git sum loot, but i think for the people who said no, this is probably one of the reasons, or perhaps they are bad at the game or have no good weapons so they can’t get any mvp boxes ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

Please add some Detective stuff as well, i keep collecting credits with absolutely nothing to do with them because most of the items are pretty useless.


Hey my answer was in this WooHoo! -I like to feel inculded- (Mine was the first halloween reply)


the last answer of the section “Why did you …” that u showed, is mine?


Thats the words of a wise man


Everyone should have gotten their lootboxes now except anyone who put one of the following answers in the steamid field

Jim The Exterminator
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Making Bacon
Retired Hobo

If you want your lootboxes and your name was in this list drop me a DM. For future reference you can find your steamid at http://steamid.co/


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lol these people have no clue what a steamid was


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Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a neanderthal.

Also sweet I got a spot on the quotes.

I think I joined a friend who was playing and then it stuck, plus the inventory system. then i got sucked in by the diverse community. So like, 3 of these options.