The truth about it all

So, Plato’s cave and Plato’s republic were originally the same theory because the populous of Athens had recently moved from Mylosis to modern day Greece. The fire in Plato’s cave allegory represented the sun, where the prisoner represented the exodus of the Greek Hellenistic people, the return to the cave however represents the prophesised invasion of the philosopher king - as referenced in Plato’s republic where the philosopher king would rise from the hollow earth and return the people of Athens back to Mylosis where the would be Greeks would view the returning Athenians as idols of the cave; A phrase coined by Sir Francis Bacon in 1594 before he was knighted in the church of Saint Michael in Hertfordshire. The timeline in Plato’s allegory of the cave represents the prophesised return and subsequent enslavement by the philosopher king. Clearly one of the greatest minds of the antediluvian age cannot be wrong therefore the end times are upon us, the philosopher king of Mylosis will soon be upon us - prepare yourselves as I have. Grant Mcdonald was right, it’s all here…

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