There's new stuff 👀


It’s been a while since the last big patch, guess it’s time for a new one!

There’s now 4 new exotics to collect!

  • M3 Garand- A M1 Garand with a difference, it fires a 3 round burst, which will kill anyone without body armour if all shots hit.
  • Panic Pump- An M3, only to be used in the most dire situations. As your health decreases, all the stats of this gun increase. When you’re above 66% health the gun will have it’s stats decreased, but as you lose health this gun quickly becomes a killing machine.
  • Vampiric Deagle- An incredibly powerful deagle, this weapon uses health instead of ammo. It has 100% increased damage and accuracy, but it consumes your health as ammo. Each shot takes 20 HP away, but landing a successful hit on another player restores 40 back to you.
  • Warlord- A Galil with a moderate increase to all stats and a doubled ammo capacity, this gun allows for reckless spray-and-praying as it gives you a 35% damage reduction while firing.

But how will you obtain these new exotics? No one really wants to spend ages grinding out more and more time just for a few new guns.

Introducing Exotic trade-in!

  • Starting with the new generation of exotics, you’ll be able to trade certain other exotics in order to get a new one.
  • Right click any exotic and you’ll see the option to trade-in that exotic for other ones.
  • Once you have the required guns to trade for that exotic, you’ll be able to get it instantly!image
  • You are also now able to filter the market to exotics only, which should make getting these new exotics a bit less of a hassle, provided you have the scrap.

Now you’ve managed to get some cool new exotics, you’re also going to want them to look cool, right? Thanks to the efforts of people in the skin creation thread, there’s a new community skin lootbox, with 13 new skins! These skins also drop from normal lootboxes, but you’re guranteed a new one when buying community skin box 2. The price of the first community skin lootbox has been lowered to reflect it’s older status now. There’s too many skins to list here, so go out and start unboxing! If you made a skin that was included in this collection send me a message on discord and I’ll send you a few of them for free.

People can finally stop complaining to me about how shit Minecraft is! ttt_minecraft_haven and ttt_mc_downtown have been removed and replaced with ttt_mc_cave, ttt_minecraft_manor, ttt_mc_67thway, and ttt_minecraftmotel. The mapvote has also been changed to only extend maps by 5 rounds instead of 10.

Main has also gotten a minor change to it’s map pool, ttt_cluedo_b5 has been removed since people didn’t really like it and it wasn’t played much, and has been replaced with ttt_bb_suburbia_b3.

That’s pretty much everything, here’s some minor, less important changes.

  • Admins are now able to inspect all trades
  • Buffed M1, now does 42 damage base per hit instead of 39
  • Alt checker improved, will now kick anyone who is family sharing with a banned player
  • Fixed a massive bug that’s existed for nearly two years now
  • Removed some unused stuff to try and improve fps
  • Optimised trading again


Oh also the survey is now closed, lootboxes will be going out this week.




Epic new skins time


It’s time for me to reclaim my title as SkinLord, and claim a new title, HatHoarder


Just so people don’t have to go ingame to see the recipes for Exotic Trade-Ins, I’ve posted all four of them here.


can I ask what specific bug this says was fixed


Stop making new exotics i dont even have 1 yet


what if you have 2 of the same exotic which one is consumed in the tradeup

edit: i can’t apply the space skin for shotgun


The reload bug I think


This will never happen.


That’s like half the reason I’m here.


Yeahhhhh mannnn some of my maps went through


Proceeds to start complaining about minecraft server


where the fuck are my lootboxes and egg gun


Sorry I meant Obama’s egg gun. He can also have my lootboxes


Oh I have two accounts now apparently