TmTrainer nerf?

So, this TmTrainer nerf was needed, really?
Ammo refill last like 100% longer, so flying with superbullets its almost impossible now. Please, consider this nerf, since it have been nerfed is so boring to play superbullets+tmtrainer, also killing is almost impossible because you only have 2 bullets.

super bullets aren’t designed to be good at killing it’s meant to give mobility instead of a viable secondary to use + tmtrainer kinda just made superbullets nerf useless

yeah, but nerfing refill time in tmtrainer it makes also the mobility idea also useless

Super bullets were and still are complete bullshit, you shouldn’t be allowed to fly through the map, at most you should be able to gain a bit of verticality or move a small distance horizontally


Yes, yes it was.

You can’t fly and that is better, now you need to think before flying away with only 2 bullets in your gun

Also (at least on a judge) you can do 50+ damage per shot at close range with a tight spread. It’s a 2 shot anyway and 1 in the head still