Unique Moonman Effect

Can we get a Unique effect/ model for moonman so that way you can see who actually has it and who has a jetpack?

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.


Also for the gambler please

gambler forever

I would maybe let it how it is

Heskan, this is only so people can try to stop getting RDMed for it. But anyway it would only happen if they are low level most of the time.

no I agree gambler should have a special effect too , how else could you target the dummybrains using it

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You mean “how else could you target its users to further supress the gambler revolution”

i keep RDMing people that have this because i think they have a jetpack so this would solve some problems :+1: :

Did you remove it or add an affect?

It was already a 420 with ghost effects.

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