Welp so far it's only effecting me

IF THIS IS AN EXPLOIT GO HERE: http://harry.gg/forums/new-message?title=Exploit%20report&username=meharryp

Bug description: pumpkin event doesn’t give me anything
Steps to reproduce:
Screenshots (If applicable):N/A but I’ll explain. all it says for me is you got something spooky and all I get is nothing from the pumpkins. No trick or treat. And sorry for this messed up bug report.


@admins please help

@meharryp Pls help, dunno why this issue exists but apparently he had it last year as well.


It was on and off last year so I just didn’t worry because I got most tricks instead of treats.

This might be the issue

No like when I pick up a pumpkin all it does is just say one thing in chat and doesn’t give me anything. No trick or treat unless the trick is not working then yeah but no.

Hmm that’s weird, try disabling all your add-ons probably won’t work but only one way to find out

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@Charging_Badger I’m doing that right now. I dont know of itll help but hopefully it does. Thanks for the suggestion and if it helps credits goes to you.

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