Who am I? 24601!


Just a quick one, I’ve obviously been about for quite a while and some of you may have noticed I changed my name a while back…but out of interest, how do you refer to me?

  • SuperLuke
  • Luke
  • Colossal_Waffle

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  1. Poof.


where the option “twat”


human ref.83401876


Sorry this poll is only for people who agree with equality :kissing_heart::joy:


You missed the musical reference.


I’m glad at least 1 person got it lol


wait you’re colossal_waffle?? that make so much sense now


Who did you think I was? :joy::joy:


I dunno, I just saw a high level that I’d never seen before and was confused. Plus it’s the Xmas hols so I’m permanently tired :joy::joy:


That’s actually brilliant lol, probs didn’t help that I can actually kill you now xD


Maybe :joy: (ten characters)


Show us a picture of your latest jobby.


Jean Valjean!

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