An In-Depth Guide on How to Harry's Mod (Serious) (Main Focused)

Hello! If by chance you are new to Hmod, or simply want to see if I have any tips to help you improve, this guide should help you in some fashion. To start out, theres gonna be several topics to cover.

General PC Tips
This topic will be for players new to FPS games or for those who don’t know these things.
First off, your mouse settings.
If you haven’t done so already, turn off your “enhance pointer precision” setting in your pc’s settings.
If you don’t know where that is, go to Devices>Mouse>Additional Mouse Options>Pointer Options

Once done, your setting’s should look like the picture above ^
This is done because enhanced pointer precision messes with your aim noticeably.
Secondly you should try to get a good sensitivity, both in-game and on windows. Depending on your personal preference and playstyle, you’ll want to adjust to how you play the game, and pick a sensitivity thats comfortable. I’d recommend having a lower sensitivity personally, as it can make hitting shots from long distance a breeze and it generally forces you to get more involved and focused in your mouse movements, but a higher sensitivity does have the perks of allowing you more screen distance for flicking, and a faster time to turn around 180 degrees. If you find yourself using deagles, rifles, slow fire ar’s (like an m16 or galil), you should probably go for a lower sensitivity, but if you prefer something like smg’s or shotguns, a higher sens may work out better for you.
Also you need to turn off mouse acceleration in the Gmod settings, and turn on Raw Imput. This lowers the latency of your mouse and makes your sensitivity as consistent as possible.
If you are confused, just follow this image
Another General Tip is to make sure you have both good peripherals (Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, Mic, Etc.) and a good PC, as to make sure you get a framerate good enough to actually enjoy the game and so you can play well. As long as you have atleast a 144hz 1080p monitor or better, a mouse and keyboard younger than 6 years old, and a decent mic you should be fine.

The Inventory System
The inventory system is something a lot of players aren’t used to, as unless you’ve come from another TTT server that has one, it will seem very new.
To open your inventory, simply press “i” or “f3”, either will work.

Your inventory should look something like this, besides for all of the guns and hats and things I have.
On the right side are all of your equippable slots, where you equip your guns, hats, masks, and melees.

To equip one, simply drag an equippable from the left over to the appropriate box, for example you would drag a hat to a hat slot, and a primary to a primary slot.
This server features a currency system, with the currency being known as scrap.
You can see how much scrap you have here:

Scrap can be used for a lot of different things. Some general examples are:
Buying Crates
Trading with other players
Rerolling Gun Stats
Flexing (until ccx joins)
Above your inventory are some tabs that are all used for different things.

Inventory takes you to your inventory, Trading is where you go to send someone a trade offer, Market is where you go to buy guns/headware/melee from other players who have listed them, VIP+ is an informational tab that will open up the Harry’s Mod store, where you can buy VIP+ if you decide to do so, Store is where you go in order to buy nametag’s or lootboxes with scrap, Quests will show you your current quests, which rewards a lootbox for completing, Gambling is for gambling, Settings is for general server settings, and Help just takes you to the inventory tutorial.
The Inventory tutorial will explain things better than I, so we will now move onto other things.

Gun Tier’s and Trading
There are 6 Tiers of gun’s in Harry’s Mod.
Commons: These guns are worthless, they are white/grey colored in your inventory.
Uncommons: The guns are also worthless, they are green colored in your inventory.
Rares: Unless you are new (Level 50 and below), these are usually pretty bad, they are blue colored.
Epics: These are usually decent, and can be really good if you get lucky with the stats. These are purple colored.
Legendaries: These are usually good, but they can be bad. They can also be insanely good. These are yellow colored. (Do not confuse these with exotics)
Exotics: These are usually decent, but can either be when used effectively or made to be, really good. Exotics typically force a different playstyle upon you, and usually have a major down-side, so keep that in mind. These are orange colored.
Here’s a list of currently obtainable exotics on main atm that i’m aware of or can think of as of now:
Super Sawn-Off, Tigerand, Big Bertha, Warlord, Silencer, Quick-Mags, Semi-Auto Conversion, Gambler, Loudener, Vampiric Investigator, Infinity, Moonman, Dual-Mac 10’s, Dual Crowbars, Dual H.U.G.Es, Rabworc, Afterburner, M3 Super P90, Panic Pump, Berserker
In the past, there was several charity bundles which had exclusive exotics, which can only be obtained from trading with others now.

How to tell if a gun is good
So, you’ve pulled an Epic or Legendary and you don’t know if it’s good. Here’s your best options to finding out its quality:

  1. Ask someone high level, or someone in the discord server.
  2. Consider what stats are good on that specific gun, then weigh the possibly downsides to your stats.
  3. Look for some of the following traits: Increased Firerate, Damage, Clip Size, Decreased Recoil. These are all usually good on almost every gun, but some gun’s benefit from some traits more than others.

How to get large amounts of scrap
There are many ways to obtain scrap. You can gamble your current scrap if you are feeling lucky, or unbox and sell anything good you get from the lootboxes. You can just play the game a lot to get end round drops, and buy Vip or Vip+ to get the daily lootboxes from it. Quests are also a way, but I don’t recommend them unless its particularly easy for you.
Saving your scrap and playing consistently is the easiest way to amass scrap without losing it.

Now that we’ve covered the smaller things, let’s talk about actual gameplay mechanics.

Rules and Tips to avoid slays
To start out, the forums post from insert that has all the official rules is the best place to go and look for the specifics to the general rules of the server and to ttt, which can be found here: Official Rules 3.0: 2019 Edition. (NEW. Forum rules will be in a separate post)
Alright, to start out, I’ll cover basics in how to avoid accidental rdm.
First, you should always be considerate. If you aren’t confident in your aim and guns, consider trying to stay away from close range combat if possible and instead go for longer range guns. This is so you don’t accidentally crossfire innocents when you get in an engagement with a T. Aim practicing, sensitivity tweaking, proper specs and settings can all help your aim, so consider doing those if you struggle with crossfire. Secondly, this is something I see a lot. If you see an unid’ed body and someone next to it. Do NOT kos that person instantly. This is the most common way rdm happens in my experience. Instead of kosing them immediately, say in voice chat “I am with (Persons name) and he is by an unid’ed body, (Persons name) Id the body or I will kos you.” This makes it so you don’t just shoot someone in the face when they are actively killing a traitor, because god knows how many times I’ve been fighting a T and some dumbass shoots me for being next to an unid’ed body, which brings me to my second point: Don’t join a gunfight if you don’t know who started it. Wait until one of the people dies, then if the other doesn’t id the body when you ask them to, kos them. If the other person was innocent, kos the other player. It’s that simple. If you see the person try to run away after killing the original player, kos them. Another thing is to not kos off of someone holding a T weapon unless they are trying to use it to kill someone, because 9 times outta 10, they picked it up from a T and were proven, and you would’ve just rdmed a proven man. Also keep in mind you can’t kos someone unless you have their name, or unless they are the only person that could’ve killed someone. And make sure it’s the only person, because it is very easy to snipe someone from across the map with a silenced rifle and then end up getting another inno rdmed.

A Break-Down of Stats

Damage - an obvious one, it increases the base damage
Fire Rate - Increase the RPM of your gun, aka, increases how fast your gun shoots.
Range - Increases the maximum damage fall-off range, so you will have a further range to do damage from
Accuracy - Decreases the spread of your firing cone
Muzzle Velocity - Increases the speed of your bullets (this is broken on main as far as I’m aware, so it currently has no benefit or downside)
Clip Size - Increases the amount of bullets a magazine holds
Recoil - Decreases the recoil of the gun (how much it jumps upwards during shooting)

There’s also the crowbar exclusives:
Push Force - Increases the strength of your right click push
Push Cooldown - Decreases the cooldown on how long it takes to push again

Any corrupted guns can and will have atleast one of any of these stats reversed, for example:
Instead of increased damage, you can have decreased damage.

How Corrupted Guns Work

Corrupted guns will always have higher stat caps than non corrupted guns, but they will have a negative stat. When there are atleast 6 people on the server who are participating in rounds, alive or dead, all valid kills will count towards a special reward.
This special reward is called a Vessel of Corruption, and you get it after getting 100 valid kills on a corrupted gun while atleast 6 people are participating in rounds in the server.
These Vessels will be a random gun, and will always try to force you into a predetermined play style, with some Vessel’s being really strong if you play that play style well, or being really weak. Unfortunately, I haven’t had all of the Vessels, but I will list ones I do know:

Mp5: High damage, Reload Time, Firerate, Recoil Reduction, and Accuracy, with a negative clip size that brings your magazine to 8. This forces you to try and pick off people who stand still, or to take really accurate burst shots.

Famas: Extreme Damage, Reload Time, Accuracy, Range, with the downside of extremely low clip size. With a magazine size of 2 and 95 potential chest damage with both shots, it forces you to either hit a headshot or finish hurt players.

After you receive a Vessel, if you get another 100 kills with the same prerequisites as before, you will obtain an unstable essence. Essences are worth a lot of money, usually 40-60k, and they cost 10k to stabilize. Once you stabilize it you can use it on any corrupted weapon to increase one stat of your choosing by 5%, and Decrease another stat of your choosing by 5%. You can repeat this process and increase/decrease stats until they hit their maximum/minimum stat value.


These are the events held in Harry’s Mod annually:

Easter - Easter usually has Easter baskets around the map, a crate in which contains items and limited exotics. This exotic is the Egg Gun, an M16 that fires explosive eggs.

Halloween - This event spawns pumpkins around the map, a crate that contains items and can trick you when you grab them. Tricks are usually just small trolls or disadvantages, but can actually be good too.

Christmas - this event has presents spawn around the map, a crate that contains items and limited exotics. These exotics include:
Silencer, Extended Mags, Scope.

Base Economy Prices

Note: these are all subject to change based on the state of the economy, and this is just a base price checking of most tiers. Certain guns can far outshine their base value.

Commons are worthless.

Uncommons are worthless.

Rares are also worthless, at most 300 scrap.

Epics are typically worth 5k if bad, 10-20k if decent/good. Particularly really good epics can go for anything sub-75k.

Legendaries are really hard to pc. As a bad legendary, it can go for 10k or so, 30-50k for decent legendaries, and anything sub 250k for good legendaries, unless it’s a particular stand out gun. Typically you can quickly sell them for 50-100k, but certain people may pay a lot more, so usually just take offers on them.

Exotics can range in price, but most meh tier exotics will go for 20k. The only exotics that should ever be bought for above 100k is either limited charity event exotics, limited event exotics, or the super sawn off, as it’s highly sought after.

Unusuals will sell for 15-25k when at a high stat, and max stats will sell for anything sub-75k.

Essences will sell for 40-60k depending on demand.

Also, these are all my estimations from what I’ve commonly seen, so it doesn’t always mean it is correct or agreed. This is pricing from what I’ve seen sell for in my personal opinion.

General Community Information and Tips
The hmod community is generally pretty nice, with some notable exceptions. If you want to get more involved with the community, join the discord server here: Spooky'Harrys'Mod
The forums is usually really tame and usually pretty quiet, but its a good place to take serious topics like questions, reports, or extremely top tier shitposting. As for in-game events, there are usually a few events every week or so, depending on how often event masters get on and host. They are usually pretty laid back and usually have some cool rewards, and can be a nice break from normal ttt. There is also usually competitive ttt events held occasionally, which you can be informed of in the discord.
To stay out of drama or from the whip treatment, usually just not being a cunt and following pretty standard discord/forums rules will keep you from being punished, but if theres anything you don’t know if it is against the rules, just ask one of the on-call staff or a currently active staff member. Also don’t ping ccx (dead emo pigeon), it will result in a ban unless its for an actually good reason, like the server exploded and it needs fixed.
ALSO: There’s some useful and very specific information on these spreadsheets, but keep in mind they haven’t been updated recently, so some of it may be wrong. (blame rhys)
Weapon Stats - Google Sheets
Hmod Exotic Scrap List - Google Sheets


Other obtainable exotics include, infinity, dual huges, rabworc, afterburner, m3 super p90, panic pump, beserker, and others both us us forgor about. I know i have an outdated spreadsheet with most exotics, so ill look for that. The pull90 and 2019 attachments (scope, silencer and extended mags) are no longer available.


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