Changes to try and stop RDM


From now on, I’ll be giving out the member rank to people who can be trusted with votekick. Member will also automatically be given out to everyone who purchases VIP. As most staff really don’t want to be playing the shitty minecraft map all day long, the karma limit on the minecraft only server has been reduced to 750. It is still 580 on the main server since admins are generally active there. I might change stuff around at a later date, I’d like to hear feedback on these changes though.


I’m not sure about the karma change because any inno who defends himself from being shot first by rdmers can get karma banned for self defense, this will put genuine players off and they might stop playing the server if they keep getting karma banned. You should try and work out who the regular players are on the minecraft server and get staff specific for that server.
Edit: Make me admin.


The problem with vote kick is they just join back state away is there a way you could make it like a hour ban or even 30 mins.
Edit: don’t make dozen admin make me superadmin


well my boy cought i got demoted cought
just what did you think?


You should make it that after 3 votekicks within an hour the kicked person will get banned for 30 minutes
Edit: Make me able to ban people


+1 to that. Not sure what I think about you being a superadmin tho… xD


It will be fun for us all


What does it take to be trusted enough to be given the member rank? If I am approved for staff, I wouldn’t mind doing the dirty work and overseeing that particular server.



I think votekick should be changed somehow as I have personally never seen anybody kicked due to not enough people voting (always only around 9 yes and 20 no even though the person is clearly RDMing everybody). Possibly give members more voting power so that if 2-3 members vote It’s pretty much a guaranteed kick? The person kicked would also be suspended from re-joining for 10 minutes as well as if they’re kicked 3 or so times within 24 hours then a ban for 1 hour?


That sounds reasonable, @meharryp make it happen :slight_smile:


harry ma man the forums gave me member and im still happy but ma man tat minicraft server tho im on like every tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuter day and ma man its a hella of a ma man but ma man i need that ma maan operator with on me back and ma man make such follow me 24/7 and never let him go ma man


Where is the minecraft server? I can’t find it on the server listing and I can’t join it through gametracker.




Where do I put that


Type connect g.meharryp.xyz:27025 in console


thanks daddy ad asd


How to get a member i mean i play on this server since 6 months and hate such rdms but cant punish them at all




Jester- does no dmg but if killed, wins
Phoenix- can revive themself once
Survivalist- Has a mini T menu