Cherino Unban Appeal 3.0


-Who banned you: I believe to have been banned by 3000.

-The reason you were banned for: Ghosting (And Attitude was mentioned to me after I enquired about it)

-The time you were banned (date/time): It was about the 10th of January 2019

-Screenshot of the ban message: I’m not able to come online on steam to actually view the ban message currently but for all of those involved in this situation will/should know what happened and the length of my ban. I will update it when I can get on steam.

On the format in the rules there is no further information that’s been given for me to pass on, therefore, I will be adding two sections for each reason that I was presumably banned for.

Part 1 - Attitude

To all of those affected by how I’ve acted towards I humbly apologize, it’s uncalled for and in no way was necessary. In the last month, I’ve reflected on how I’ve treated some individuals and I’ve agreed with myself that my only intention from here on out is just to play with my friends.

Part 2 - Ghosting

As I have explained in my previous post there was one round of which that I had called out a staff member as being a traitor but did not shoot at them. I was shot by this individual as seen in the previous appeal and he killed the other guy a second later, It doesnt take me more than 1 second to be shot to turning around, I have increased FOV and you can replicate the angles with relative ease ingame as I’ve shown a couple members of staff. I had identified them on their hat and didn’t mention it as I didn’t want a slay at 1/2am in the morning, three members of staff were on the server during the course of what had happened and It’d be pretty stupid for me to want to ghost and to be ghosting when three staff members are on, staff are in my discord so they can see who comes in and out my channel with ease. In no way shape or form would I even think about ghosting, there’s no fun in it and I am hardly a tryhard who wants to win every round and kill every gamer.

In conclusion, I understand why staff members decided for me to be banned in the beginning as the evidence was stacked against me but I’ve been able to explain and prove myself how this scenario happened. My attitude has improved and I don’t intend on bringing up any old grudges as there’s no need. Thanks for taking the time to read my appeal.

Game on gamer lords,

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Hi Cherino

I’ve locked this post for the time being- the staff are currently discussing the situation and will give you a decision in the next day or two. The only reason for locking this is to stop unrelated idiots (basically Ajgunstone) wading in.

One of us will reply here soon.



Hi. The staff have come to a decision. You will be unbanned. Please note, you are on a FINAL WARNING. You need to abide by Official Rules 3.0: 2019 Edition to prevent any further action.

Welcome back. Post will now be unlocked.

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