Final Hat/Mask Winner and HarrysMod Awards 2019 Announcement

Hello folks. Doing a two for one special here.

Hat/Mask Creation Contest Community Poll Winner

First up, the winner of the community poll for the hats/masks. With a grand total of 17 votes, the winner is @Doppel for their creation “meharryp”. Well done Doppel! Let me know next time you’re on so I can give you your prize.

HarrysMod Awards 2019

I am proud to officially announce that this summer, we will be seeing the first “HarrysMod Awards”. This will cover the last 2 years of the server’s existence, and will see the best of each category battle it out. The following timeline will help to explain how this will play out.


May 15th-May 31st: Finalizing the planning and setting up nominations
June 1st-June 30th: Players nominate candidates/whatever for each category
July 1st-July 9th (assuming Birthday event starts on the 10th): Polls are set up for each category
July 10th-1 day before Birthday event ends: Players vote for their favourite candidate among each category
Final day of Birthday event: To cap off the event, the results will be revealed on the final day!

Some categories will have prizes, which are to be determined as of yet. This is still in the planning stages, so what follows this will change.

I want people to suggest categories that could be added, as I hope for there to be more at the end than what I currently have. Please read the below list of categories first to make sure you aren’t suggesting one that already exists.


Here is a list of the current categories that are up to be ran. They are written as follows:

“Funny tagline - Actual Award”

You will notice that each category has a tagline - this is subject to change depending on if I find the joke shit later on.


I nominate the entire #suggestions channel - Shittiest suggestion
@Such Meme, Many Skill - Best Discord meme


Sometimes it’s worth reading the forums - Best post
I change my mind - Best post (shitpost)
This high level of quality is bannable - Best reply
:crab: SuperLuke is gone :crab: - Best reply (shitpost)
Quality? On my HMod? It’s more likely than you think - Best poster
Keeping it cool and informative - Best replier
I’m furious if he doesn’t win - Best replier (shitpost)
s1dewank’s ban appeal doesn’t count - Best thread
Lmao look how hopeful they are - Best ban appeal
Dude Paddy’s gonna win this one - Best shittalker
1-shot-AWP LOL - Best suggestion


Look at my house, my house is amazing - Best base


This one has the most entries - Biggest cunt
I regret saying that - Best bind
Why aren’t you banned yet - Toeing the line
Sad to see you go - Best person who left
Pick b5 and I ban all of you - Best map
If Haven was around it would win - Worst map
meworkingp - Best update


It pays to be patient - Most helpful admin
Jailed Santas in wheelchairs - Best abuse
Jail beats car - Best server crash
Best meme


Quack quack motherfucker - Best duck pic
Look at my fancy writing - Most stylish cunt
I think CCX has this one - Best Harry

Thanks for reading through this! More to come soon. Also please suggest categories.


so when meharryp hat added :slight_smile: please add now @RhysRaptor thanks mr admin :)))))

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If we can convince Harry, we’re adding it.


Personal Fav post Mission Statement Mr Artist (twat)

Sir please leave nominations till the nomination period kthx bye

I should win third place on everything

Oh while I’m here, here’s the highest scoring in each poll from the community polls, to prove that Doppel won:



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