Hat/Mask Trade-In


Getting the right hat/mask is very difficult. There are many variants (with the potential for more to be added), stat types, stat numbers, and effects. So to make fashion hunting a bit easier, I am proposing a hat/mask trade-in feature.

This would require you to trade-in multiple hats/masks at once, as well as pay a scrap fee (say, 1-2k). You would need to give up hats/masks for each category (Base (hat/mask type), Stat (stat/%), Effect (effect)). An example is shown below:

Base: Turtle hat
Stat: 23% health mask
Effect: Lightning hat

Would give you a turtle hat with 23% health and the lightning effect.

With this system, you would be required to submit a hat/mask with an effect. If you could choose to have no effect then most people would end up doing so, and it would just become purely about the stats. Forcing an effect would keep this feature almost purely about fashion hunting, and not being a try-hard.

This would give the hats/masks more purpose in the game, as currently there’s nothing you can do to get the desired hat/mask, and there is no reason to keep any hats below even 22% most of the time (unless you can find someone willing to buy a 20-22% hat/mask).

A Big Ol' Suggestion Post



why not u just unbox the stat >:)
Also poo idea no add thanks, me want to look epic


I’m furious.