Make Main Great Again

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So I’m just gonna cut straight to the point here, I’d like some feedback. Clearly Genesis is the active server and main is not. We’ve been working with new updates, balancing, and other ideas to help revitalize main. But I’d like to hear what you think.

Whether you’ve been here for years, months, weeks, or days I’d like to hear some feedback and ideas on what we can do to help raise the playercounts on main. Now keep in mind this is in no way some nonsense idea to knock down genesis but to give both servers life, and help grow the community as a whole.

Whether it be exotic ideas, balancing feedback, unboxing, scrap, or just ranting that essences cost too much money. Give some ideas, and we’ll see what happens!

Oh, and to entice you into actually responding I’m giving everyone who responds with something legitimate, a complimentary 15k scrap on the server of your choice. So the shitposting squads, sorry but memes won’t cut it.

Thanks everyone!



Give me 100k so i can get the new exotics (also focus on main with fun events (not fucking hide and seek and comp ttt, something new and fresh)(also give away a few of the december and valentines exotics)

I think you guys are heading the right way with main :slight_smile:

Just adding content (like new t or d weapons) could entice other players to enjoy.

Also doin’ a bit of swapping and give main all the flashy titles might work hmm…

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As we discussed in private these are my points:

  • genesis has a better / more user friendly system
    from a “user personalisation” perspective
    ( on genesis you can make a gun with 3 attachments of
    A particular kind and mix in exotic effects )

  • main progression is somewhat confused ( vessels
    And corrupted weapons / essence ) a new player
    Need to go to the forums before learning how to get
    Busted weapons, on genesis you simply find them or
    Buy them and when you have some attachments
    You can make them for free.

  • weekly / daily / monthly rewards (yes I know “ahaha
    Funny moat.gg) but everyone knows that some
    Players love to grind for good weapons and rewards
    And main veterans already did.

TLDR: main is funnier but Its tragic to play in for a continuous amount of time for a new player while genesis set you up in the first hour of playing.

How could we fix these?

  • more accessible guides (literally a click away from
    the in-game server or discord channel)

  • more rewards with a weekly or monthly grind

  • easier understanding of how essence and vessels
    Works (can be fixed in the guide session)

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Make the starter weapon on main better, while it can be good it can also be an absolute burning trash hunk. (on genesis too)

Nerf damage/fire rate (on genesis too)

Give the maps icons on the vote screen

Make the bot show player numbers again, a lot of players join main when they see that main has players.

Buff range/muzzle, especially range since its basically worthless

add something that everyone has to start at zero, veteran or new (like the skill tree)

Add more specialized quests, like stretch goals/monthly ones/one time achievements (everyone should start from zero with these too) (if not just revert quests back to what they once were)

Add a cheap movement tool every player has access to quickly (Like giving every jump boost hat a double jump)

Add new weapons


reset everyone’s inventory, that would make it epic


Idea 1: You could one day a week close Genesis thus causing people who would play genesis on that day to move over to Main for the day, im sure the majority of people will move over to main for the day, you could call it “Main Day” or Main Monday" etc.

Reasoning: People have loot and good stuff on genesis and that could be stopping them from moving to a server where they may have nothing, it needs to be forced to some degree.

Idea 2: Make it possible to transfer guns from one server to the other, this is a very broad and probably cant even be done idea but it’s an idea nonetheless, not sure if its possible nor if anyone can even be bothered to work on it but potentially the ability to transfer a gun from genesis to main or from main to genesis if you meet certain requirements so for example 100 kills with the gun or 50 D kills with the gun etc.

Reasoning: I just think it would be something cool to work towards and mess around with ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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honestly just think it died of old age lol, maybe work on the title or something? don’t think much can be done, for the server to get new players it’d need consistent players and a good first impression and the title is the very first impression I’m just rambling here

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I think it’s an uphill battle, kinda. The reality of Genesis is that it’s great because it is popular—there’s an active market, an active player base, and active community events.

Honestly I think Main needs a jumpstart. Maybe guaranteeing like 20k scrap on Genesis for an event participation on Main or something of the nature. It’s a very if you building it they will come scenario, if you entice active Genesis players to play on main with Genesis incentives (scrap, exotics, a few loot boxes), they may start to split their time between the two. Once you have people on Main get cool exotics from normal gameplay, see that their friends are playing on Main, and enjoy their time there, it’ll likely build itself up.

( ig its only my problem but im still gonna write that)
i never actually saw main in global server list, i saw genesis and joined it but i join main only through discord so that might be the problem why there no so much ppl on main bc ppl can join only through discord ( pls tell me if im wrong)

Make the starter weapon more reliable in general
Make chat hint at what will happen if you get 100 kills with a corrupted gun
Progression, don’t baby the player, give them a task get X weapon with X stats and gain X amounts of scrap etc etc
Advertise Main on Genesis
Make long scaling events that incentivise coming back for more times
Make it so that main gets events randomly that gift scrap etc etc


Bot doesn’t work due to the heartbeat feature of gmod being depreciated

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add main specific guns, explain the progression in a better compact way and better t3 and legendary chances since its harder to get good guns


That seem kind of dumb to do, main has already an activity problem and they should close the only active server?

The other idea is far more better

delete genesis


Advertise main in genesis chat and genesis in main chat


Boost lootbox chances for players below level 100

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alt time

you are wrong