Mini update - New attachments

Hello! Today, 3 new attachments have been added to the pool with some changes coming to the existing ones!

Lets begin with the new ones:

  • Leeching Trigger - Turn you gun into a vampiric deagle, Gain a slight damage up with 0 clip with 0 need to reload. however your shots now cost ammo! The extra details are as follows
    Damage dealt to you on fire is the (guns damage stat/3) * (Number of bullets per shot)
    Damage heal on hit is double the damage taken on firing.
    This can be applied to any gun! Shotguns and Rifles alike.

  • Big Bertha Module - Any gun now can ramp up like Big Bertha, Gain 3* clip size but 50% less damage. Your fire rate slowly increases on firing!
    This can be applied to any gun!

  • Big iron - Turn your M500 into a large 6 shooter! Gain a 20% damage boost with high accuracy but a large decrease in reload/recoil reduction and fire rate!
    Can only be applied to the S&W m500

Changes to the existing attachments:

  • Super bullet’s push force has been capped with the weight of fire rate increased in push force - this means AMR-2 no longer launches you to the moon (as funny as that was) and single fire guns have a better time using it.
  • Another crowbar’s push force and damage has been reduced - this is to stop people being super annoying.
  • Tranq bullets slow increased to 35% - no one uses it so the slow value has been increased to promote more use.

Additional Maps:

We’ve added some old favourites (and some hated ones) back to Genesis:

  • TTT_Community_bowling
  • TTT_CrummyCradle
  • TTT_InnocentMotel
  • TTT_Waterworld (fixed)
  • Minecraft B5, Mineshaft, City, Cave

CCX’s updates

  • Thanks to everyone for your feedback on Genesis, it’s doing well and we will continue to listen out for feedback on various things.
  • Valentines event begins on 1st Feb, running for 1 month - there will be an increase to the map pool, as well as some limited-drop items - more on that soon. the PCs are back!
  • We know about issues with Hitreg being bizarre/shit/terrible. We are continuing to put in fixes as we can, please do continue to record instances of it and send it over. Does help!
  • Gambling has been nerfed, the max bet is 50k now.
  • I have helped insert with spell checking.

That’s it folks, comments welcome!


The new attachments will only be dropping for the next 2 months so get them while you can! The drop rates are also halved from Christmas ones.


“However, your shots now cost ammo”

Damn sounds like a cool new feature


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