Valentines Event 2021!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the 2nd annual HarrysMod Valentines event! Once again, the loneliness that many of us feel (ESPECIALLY this year) needs to be commemorated. The event begins today and runs for 1 month. You’ll start to see collectable items on both Genesis and Main - the model is actually a PC (don’t ask), with each containing one random item. Get collecting!

Insert’s bit

Uni has started up again, so like Harry my focus is less on HarrysMod. However, expect a more substantial update in March/April in time for the Easter event. In the mean time scroll down to enjoy the new valentines attachment!

Event Spawns

Shoot me a DM/Screenshot if you come across any broken event spawns. Still trying to get on top of these (MC maps are usually worse)

New Attachement update

Cupid bullets

  • A secondary only attachment.
  • Reduces firerate and Base damage.
  • Deals damage less to body parts apart from the body which deals more damage.
  • ‘Shot to the Heart’ - If you target has less than 20% HP when shot they are executed - for love ofcourse - and you heal 10hp!

Other shit

If you want to apply for ‘Helper’, shoot the ttt-staff group a PM on here explaining why you’d be a good fit and any past experience (not required). Potentially looking to add more.

Bit of a light one really, as we had a map/attachment update just a few weeks ago ( Mini update - New attachments) so expect a bigger Easter event in a couple of months.

As always, comments/insults etc welcomed below.


This is pretty pog


o h my god how can this be any worsee??ß1ß1ßß1ß1ßß?? NO NEW P90S???1111111!!!

1/10… no p90s.

but good update

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@superluke will you be my valentine?

you’ll have to wait until 2027 lol

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dont fogert to subrcibe and like video blue like and coment you’re ign and a funny joke for a chance to win free playstation 5 !!!


its a PC because im so fucking lonely holy shit


Maybe if you joined the fuckin server you might recon-

Accualy wait, playing on Hmod would make everything worse
Carry on.


Cupid bullets do not work of all secondaries. M45, pistol, glock. Unsure for sawed off shotgun,



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