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Hi All,

YAY, the store is back online! Following on from previous posts (Store purchases will be disabled next month), the CMs have been hard at work getting the store back online in a way that can continue to support the server. As of today, !store and all items are once again available to purchase, including VIP+.

We have removed the sales for now, they will return during events of course. VIP now costs £9.99 and the 3 month bundle for VIP+ has been decreased to £10.99.

Scrap purchases now give double the amount on Genesis, so if you purchase the cheapest bundle (which has been increased to 20,000 on Main, from the old 10,000), you get 20,000 on Main and 40,000 on Genesis. You’ll see on the store page exactly what you are getting on each server.

Comments/insults welcomed below as always xx

P.S: All proceeds between now and atleast october will go to the running of the gmod server, the set up of the future MC servers, with any excess going to Humble Bundle.

EDIT: please note, prices and packages are subject to change and there will be small tweaks to scrap amounts/costs in the future

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