Store purchases will be disabled next month

Firstly, HarrysMod has pretty much supported me throughout all of university and I’m insanely grateful to anyone that has purchased anything from the store in the past nearly 4 years.

Next month, I’ll be starting a new job as an engineer for a large AAA game studio which is insanely exciting for me, but brings some small challenges for the server, with the main ones involving how I pay tax as well as anything in my contract which restricts me in some way. To be on the safe side I’m going to suspend store purchases starting on the 21st of June. The store will also use sale prices until this time too, so if you want to buy VIP before you are no longer able to now is the time.

We’ll be adding something at a later date which will allow anyone with VIP+ when the store is suspended to continue extending their perks so you’ll all still be able to taunt still.

This also does not mean the server is going anywhere at all- as long as people keep playing on the server we’ll find a way to keep it alive. To clarify- I am hoping this change is not permanent, this is more of a precaution I am taking just to be on the safe side.

Thanks again for all your support xx


Cash only in the McDonald’s car park. Tax free. Problem solved.


Is this a tactic to get me to empty my bank account before 21st of June and then it turns out to be a social experiment, so brave

Release the top 5 spenders so that they can be hanged please :slightly_smiling_face:


congratulations on getting a job mr harry


We’ll keep it up as long as people still play


Give us admin guns


Become an admin.


sorry but that’s bad advice. It’s simply impossible for Hodd to have admin. Hard-coded to delete the server if anyone tries.


Sounds like a good safeguard.

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Can we find out how much vlad has spent on the server?


Can you make me admin

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Holy ham, man’s got the dream job of many.
I’m glad for you. Best wishes

hope u luck

Last day to buy things :slight_smile:

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8 days later

edit: fck it said 9 days on harrys post

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