News Update - Mid September 2019

Hello folks! This is a (hopefully) monthly thing we’ll be doing where we make some announcements that haven’t really fit in previous announcements, alongside some reminders and over various small things.


Ivan did some balancing recently. Here are the summarized changes(the spreadsheet will be updated later).

The glock has slightly higher damage, has a higher headshot multiplier, is more accurate and now has 21 bullets in a clip. The recoil is now higher, and its firerate is slightly lower.

The TMP has lower recoil, increased firerate and an increased headshot multiplier. Its accuracy has been reduced.

The following paragraph is a collection of changes that were all in one update, and I’m not dedicating a paragraph to each weapon.

The AUG, Dualies, M1 Garand and m16 all have lower recoil, while the m3, m60, p228, and SG550 all have higher recoil. The m16, pistol and p228 are more accurate. The p228 is faster than before. The SG550 and pistol do more damage on the head.

Halloween Event

Halloween is currently planned to run from the 1st to the 31st of October! What spooky shenanigans is Harry up to? You’ll have to wait to find out. In addition, we hope to convince Harry to add a few QOL updates when the event starts, alongside a few additions we hope to add.

New Trial-Staff

As you may have seen, we have recently promoted some new Trial Staff. Due to many of the Staff team having to be less active due to work/education/selling drugs for Harry, we decided that we needed more hands on deck. This has been in discussion for a while; we just hadn’t acted on it yet. Currently there are 3 new Trial-Staff, and we haven’t decided on if any others will be promoted. They are Deagle Doug, Cpt. Vagan and AcidMaster. If you have an issue with anything they do, make a report on them directed to either me or the TTT-Staff group. Random complaints in the Discord are not acted on. Speaking of which…

Player/Staff Reports

If you don’t take this to the Staff, e.g. in a forum pm to the TTT-Staff group, then it will be ignored 99/100 times. We’ve had a lot of shitty reports made against players/Staff, so please do have evidence of whatever you are reporting them for.


I am taking a major step back in the server, to be in a position more akin to how CCX handles his role. This has been coming for some time and can be seen with how some of my specific events/features have been stopped/unfinished. I will still be doing my CM duties and whatnot, but I will appear to be a lot less active than before, whether I am active or not. I am not stepping down so don’t worry/celebrate just yet :wink:

Rules Updates

The rules (Official Rules 3.0: 2019 Edition) are still going to be updated occasionally, so remember to check in from time to time! It’s also good to make sure you aren’t breaking any rules.

I can’t believe I have to actually write it, but sexism is getting added to the toxicity rule. I wish I didn’t have to specifically state it but…

Skin Contest 2: HarrysMod Boogaloo

This weekend, CCX will be leading a second skin contest! Details will be announced when the event goes live, and we will have the files you will need for the weapons accessible.


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when is deagle doug getting promoted to community manager and why does my poo poo hurt


Lemee sum up this threat for all you Lazy fucks

Ivan made changes that mean shit for veteran players who insta-kill you anyway

Harry will get off his ass to add something small to harrysmod so CCX9010 cant riva-la revolution the server

Our slaves are escaping so we are hiring new ones and promise this time to feed them

Dont have proof to a legitament fourm? Fuck off with your alligations, we are decent slave owners after all.

Rhys has life and is taking a step back to a better place, god speed your magnificant bastard.

Look at the rules again, We may be slave owners but you gota show respect to everyone ya hear?

Finnaly, Make content for harrysmod that will never be added (WHERE ARE THE HATS FUCKERS)



Skins, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen, gimme that shit.

It’s too long to read.
I will just say Welcome Back.

Interesting stuff lads, excited to see what y’all come up with for this Halloween event.

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Is there a way to apply for trial staff or is it selected by CMs/staff?

Im in.

In 5 days duh

You send a pm to staff and name it “staff application”. The staff member you send it to will make sure other staff have acsess to it.

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And becuase i gave it to you rough

Deagle doug is love, deagle doug is life

I wouldn’t bother Heskan. Your odds of getting it are lower than my cares.


Hello, it’s 7pm and I’m sat in an airport in Nevada. I approve of this post.


Who knows maybe id be a good staff

And it won’t be being tested.

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As were already here, is there a somewhat realistic chance i ever get back to discord or will you prevent that at all costs?

You have had so many chances and each time we see you as the same idiot again and again.

I believe in second chances, and that people change. But you have not proved that at all. The fact you had the AUDACITY to say “who knows maybe id be a good staff” proves it.

We pick thoes who are worthy, you have not shown that at all.

Stay lost heskan. Come back in a year and prove you can change


You know what? Ill take that advice to heart. I really like this community and want to be an active part of it, and not just someone who’s on the forums here and there. I know i was a fucking cunt, so lets see about that in a year.