Post-birthday Patch - Main and Genesis

Hi all,

Got another list of bits and pieces for both Main and Genesis. Changes are now live. Please note that the Birthday has now ended, and the Halloween event will begin on 1st October!


  • 4 new maps added
  • Hats slowly being added from last comp like a year ago lol- these will be ported to Genesis eventually, after we fix Genesis not showing hats
  • Some new weapon skins added
  • Buffed Big Bertha again to try and make it not utter wank
  • Egg Gun nerf
  • Another previously unavailable exotic is now droppable. Go crazy.
  • Fix for my inventory crashing me for some reason
  • Removed old hat code causing problems
  • Updated Main to latest version of GMOD


  • 2 new maps added
  • Nova’s shit
  • Slightly increased inventory size limit but I’m not fucking doing it ever again
  • Added AR-15 and S&W skins - big thanks to @ya_boi_pasta
  • Fixed S&W bug when attaching a skin - lol
  • Kriss changes - now has sound (yes, it’s the wrong one but it’s better than nothing tbh) - Drop physics are next.


  • Fixed issues with forums that Rhys spotted
  • tidied up old map files that are no longer needed
  • Created a few new things for Halloween - ongoing.
  • The ever yo-yoing @RhysRaptor is back as one of our devs. Again.
  • M60 changes - working on why there’s no drop physics on Genesis/bug on main


We’re pleased to say that the Store (HarrysMod Store) is up and running - we’ve already secured the server’s future until next year thanks to your continued support throughout.

There’s gonna be a few more changes for the beginning of the Halloween event. Thanks for the ongoing support of the servers, it’s appreciated. Halloween will be a lighter patch than previous events, with a focus on a bigger Christmas event. Prop Hunt is back online and being worked on once again but I don’t know how long it’ll be for this to get sorted.

Comments/insults welcomed below as always…

EDIT: I’ve been told the AR-15 Skins work perfectly and are not mis-positioned whatsoever.


um… No idea when this is coming, lol

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i have been waiting for nova’s shit

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what is the new exotic pls tell me good sir

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Okay; fuck you.


yeah, definitely didn’t fund a month on my own from a probably stupid purchase :slight_smile:

if nova’s shit doesnt include breaking inventories then i dont want it.

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100% this lol

haha :yum:

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