Skin creation thread


look at all these skins that would take next to no effort in installing and would make the game 10 times better.


oh i didnt know it was a csgo skin


Bruh why ain’t it called clockwork orange dumbhead


sry for necromancing, but would’nt this be a good skin for sawed off?



that’s a sawn off nova for the CS:GO version. you want the double barrel version


yer I know I mean this skin for the sawed off and/or for the M3


My RAF famas skin hope you like it.


Pistol: Damascus


i like that


Thanks this ‘…’ is to show you are an epic gamer


I feel the Mac 10 deserved a better 2nd skin to the saints so I created this (I know its not original but its a good new skin)


World Model


I made this a while ago, can’t remember if harry acknowledged it. “Brimestone”. Can’t rmember if I have put it on here before.


:frowning: Gunstone Famas

Lots of famas skins >:((((((



please from this point onwards only do in-game previews in waterworld


Yes guys that is the rule


An update to my current Famas RAF skin.


World Model


why the feck do I see so many great epic awesome good nice skins in this thread but it’s not in added to Hmod.


pls add download links to view and world model textures or they will never be added


@meharryp Done


Remastered colt because is sucks :slight_smile: