The End of the Helper System

Hello everyone.

Today, the Helper system is brought to an end. It fulfilled it’s purpose and helped when there was a lack of Staff, and gave us the opportunity to see who would be good candidates to be promoted. Nowadays, however, it’s not really needed. As such, the Staff team have discussed and decided to do away with the system.

What happens to the current Helpers?

The current Helpers are being handled individually. Some are promoted, some will be spending a bit longer as Trial Staff (think Helper but renamed, basically), etc.

What about my application?

We will not be taking anymore applications for the time being. We have a large number of Staff now and the server doesn’t have the issues with moderating that it did a year ago. Old applications will be kept but likely will be unused. We may look to promote people to Staff in the future but that will only happen when some of the current Staff step down and we have issues with moderating.

When birthday

Please stop bloody asking this, it’s on the 17th.


Yeah but harry rifle

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when birthday i hope it on rhys birthday

Well, there goes my last chance of helper xd
Anyways, as i plan on staying here forever, ill just outlive ya’ll and become owner

When’s the 17th of june

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press f for !hban



sound epic dude



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