The late Valentines day patch- Patch notes 26/02/18


Firstly, I’d like to give a massive thanks to everyone who contributed skins. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to finish the unique item that I was planning on giving you all since I really wanted to get this out. The planned item is called the “Skin creators toolkit” and allows you to create your own skins in-game so long as you have contributed a skin before that has been added to HarrysMod. This is still WIP but I can promise anyone who has made a skin in this update will get one as soon as it’s done. If you made a skin that was in the new lootbox send me a PM and I’ll give you the skins that you made in-game.

Also in this update are 5 new equipment items! More equipment was the most requested thing in the HarrysMod survey so hopefully this should satisfy a few of you.

I’ve also overhauled the look of the store, since it sucked, really really badly. The site should look much better for people with smaller resolutions, and the text and buttons actually fit in the boxes now. Check it out: https://harry.gg/store

The new equipment items are:

  • Tripmines- Plant them around corners and blow innocents up (Traitor only)
  • Motion sensor- After it has been placed, any time a player walks past it the owner of the sensor will be able to see the player who triggered it through the wall (Detective only)
  • Incendiary ammo- Every time a bullet hits a player, they will be ignited for a small amount of time. Can only be applied to a max of 50 bullets (meaning it’s basically got 5-6 shots on a shotgun before it expires) (Traitor only)
  • Shock ammo- Similar to the UMP prototype, shock ammo distorts the vision of the person that is hit by it. Applies for up to 50 bullets and functions the same as incendiary ammo. (Detective only)
  • Jetpack- Fly around and attack from the sky, or get to places that you aren’t supposed to be (Detective and traitors can use this)

Patch notes:
Changes marked with a * will be applied on next server restart

  • Server
    – Updated to latest gmod version

  • Lootboxes
    – Added the new community lootbox, with 9 new skins. Due to the quality of the skins in the community skin lootbox the price is 400 scrap.
    – Move M16 - Paint Splatter to the community lootbox and reduced it’s rarity by 1 level
    – Added new skins to the random drop pool when opening standard and weapons lootboxes
    – Removed a load of unneeded lines from the resource manifest

  • Equipment
    – Added new Traitor and detective weapons as described above *
    – Headcrab launcher canisters now explode after 45 seconds
    – Increased headcrab launcher flight time by 2 seconds and decreased the speed of the canister
    – Traitors can no longer clip through their own headcrab canisters

  • Store
    – Reworked the store, made it more suitable for lower resolution devices
    – Fixed the text coming out of the box

  • Guns
    – Nerfed reload speed buffs, it’s now back at the point when it was first added.


And ofc my internet died as soon as this launched


Jetpack is gonna be horrible. See a guy flying? shoot that f**ker down.


“how did you get up there?”
"jump boost hat"
“he used the jetpack kill him”
[cue RDM report]


The fire ammo with a rifile is going to be insane


One question though. Will the incendiary ammo still be in the gun if the T dies/drops it, someone else picks it up? Same thing with shock ammo.


Great update imo, i have been playing on this server a lot recently and would love to play with these updates when I get home today!


It won’t drop.


I don’t think the incendiary ammo and the shock ammo are working.


Yep I have no idea how to work it. I’ve bought it in the T menu, fired shots but the percentage doesn’t go down nor do they set ablaze. Do we need to press something to activate it?


Rice thanks so much for liking my reply I love you too :kissing_heart:


They are broken at the moment
@Armani @Rice


Just pushed a patch to address problems people brought up to me about the new items.


Nice, so was damage dropoff not applied to guns with skins pre-patch?