Unban appeal -Arsiツ


who banned you: Manegunner6

the reason you were banned for: Propkilling + Traitor Baiting + RDM + If multiple warnings an SEVERAL BANS won’t teach you a lesson, this will.

the time you were banned (date/time): 28.10.2018

screenshot of the ban message:

EDIT: The reason is a bit misleading as far as I know the reason I got the ban was 1 accidental rdm and 1 rdm what was not rdm in my oppinion.


Could you explain the two RDMs that took place please?


So you’re excluding all the other things you have done leading up to this ban or am i reading this wrong :thinking:


I tought that those was reasons for my ealrier bans


And by reading this

you might think that I did all that yesterday.


I killed Rhys after he killed traitor because I got them mixed up so that was accident.
I killed Llama because he shot innocent who apparently tried to kill him with incendiary grenades. All I saw was Llama killing innocent who was chasing him with grenade/holstered. Llama explained that the guy tried to rdm him but when I saw that the guy chased him with grenade/holstered I tought he lied so I killed him.


luh mao retard


This is the kill that I feel is justified. If someone kills an innocent, that’s obviously a traitorous act.

However, you’ve had several warnings for quite some time now. You’ve just not listened to them and hoped that whatever you’re doing will get ignored.
Sadly, that’s not the case. You should’ve just listened to Manegunner when he gave you the first warning.
For now, you’ll have to find another community to be a part of because I don’t see this ban being lifted.


If the first warning was my last ban I have not T-baited since then. I think that it is stupid that after getting unbanned I am not allowed to do mistakes. And by mistakes I mean shooting accidently a wrong guy. Everyone makes mistakes.


Everyone makes mistakes, sure but you’ve made a lot more mistakes than others.
I think your problem is that you are far too trigger-happy and you’re willing to shoot first and ask questions later.
Maybe in an attempt to get MVP, Maybe that’s just your playing style. I don’t know.

As you’ve learned, this is not the playing style that is considered fine on the server.


I admit that I’m a bit triggerhappy. But there are other people kossing for gun, suspicion, being near to the c4 etc. I see that being not punished so I think that me killing someone for doing t-act should not be punished then either.


You say that these people don’t get punished but most of the time, these will people will be reported and slayed. After than? They stop doing it. The issue here is that you didn’t know when to stop despite being told when to.

I feel like you’re either not understanding the reason this ban or you’re choosing to overlook it.
You weren’t banned because of this isolated incident. It’s been in reports countless times that you’ve been traitor baiting, engaging in gun-fights with players before asking questions and overall, just annoying players.
These actions aren’t that of a regular player, which you are. which has led Manegunner to make this decision.

At this point, the only person that’s able to overturn this ban is @ManeGunner6.
However, I know that it’s not going to be the case. I’m sorry, Arsi. You left the admins with no other choice.


I am not understanding the reason I got banned since I can’t remember breaking rules(apart from those 2 “rdms” mentioned before) after last ban. I feel like this is not valid reason to ban me.


You’ve had so many warnings and bans it’s unreal. You’re not seriously saying that you don’t think they add up in the future? Ofc they do! Past offences being punished doesn’t mean they’re forgotten about! Goodbye! :slight_smile:


What did I do that added up to this? All bans I can remember was:
permaban for suspected hacking
2 day ban for gombastomping 2 innocents
and 1 week ban for T-baiting mane 2-3 times.
I don’t think that those should add up to the extend that I get permabanned for rdming 1 guy which would normally be punished with 1 slay


…Are you seriously counting how many bans you’ve had and not thinking to yourself “That is far too many bans for one player to have”?

Like you were told, it was your LAST. WARNING.
That means the minute you fuck up, you are gone.

If you’ve been banned 3 times, think about how many slays you have probably had in the process.


Most regulars here don’t even get banned once, think about that comment and then think about why the staff decided to perma you.


You are right sorry for my sins I’ll go and suffer for my sins in moat.


Is there any chance I will get unbanned in future? @TTT-Staff



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