Fanfic contest #3


We are doing another one of these, a year later
I’m just gonna copy most of this from last one


This is a contest where you need to write a fanfiction about multiple harry’s mod members, players or of harry’s mod as whole. Any kind of story will do!


Fic must be at least 400 words
Minimium of 2 HarrysMod people, maximum of how ever many you feel comfortable including - does not need to be current players, you could write a love story between Nick and SeveN for example. Including more people means ideally you write a longer fanfic.
Setting/plot are up to you.
Submissions must be made via a the posting of a text file, or by a pastebin link.
You can enter multiple times, but we suggest you cap it at a 2 entry maximum, and each has to meet the criteria
(semi)NSFW fanfics are allowed, however you MUST have a warning when you submit it, and you also are not allowed to go to far (i.e. fetish stuff and the like).


There will be up 7 judges. Me, Dakka, Duck, Codey, Soldier, Jabba and Kokichi.
Judges Will be allowed to participate, but not to rate their own. Judges will rate everyone elses fics from 1-10.

Closing Date

The competition will close on the 1st of September. (so 4 weeks!)

Prizes (genesis scrap, may increase if number of competitors is large enough)

1st place: 250k + a special exotic :wink:
2nd place: 150k
3rd place: 50k


if you want examples for decent/not so decent fanfics go read some of these ones!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me (Perskule). Now get to writing!


I’m just gonna add here that if you wish you can get the prices on main scrap too, on 1/4 of the amount. (1/4th because that’s an acceptable amount)

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isnt 250k genesis scrap like one crate


Bring up the prize scrap! This is a protest
Bring up the prize scrap! This is a protest
Bring up the prize scrap! This is a protest


hello, I made my own stupid SCP file(s) on harrysmod after seeing perskules one

please excuse grammar stuff :slight_smile:
please dont judge this is first time


10/10 liked it but more redacted needed

THis comment section is dead

Not for long :smiling_imp: :smirk: :smirk:

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fun hodd fact, dakka smells

HALF FILTERED ALGORITHM GARBAGE - Pastebin.com there, take it i guess

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The daily life of a Perskule-chan - Pastebin.com here you go

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Based on Project moons world
You’ll never see the book of H corp

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Hey guys, am increasing prizes cus i found the scrap making button :slight_smile:

Today’s the last day to submit stuff, I’ll bully all of the judges to judge the massive amount of fanfics tomorrow

Misadventures prologue.txt (1.8 KB)
SCP 6361.txt (7.2 KB)
and lastly this thing

while it isnt a fanfiction it might as well be

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Oh people joined last second, im not guaranteed second place now fuck