Fanfiction Contest #2:

The last one was quite fun, so we’re doing it again! This time we’re going to be trialing a system where you need to meet certain criteria. It’ll be easy this time, don’t worry.


  • Must be at least 600 words
  • Minimium of 2 HarrysMod people, maximumm of how many you feel comfortable including - does not need to be current players, you could write a love story between Nick and SeveN for example. More people means you ideally write a longer fanfic.
  • Setting/plot are up to you.
  • Submissions must be made via a text file being posted, or from a pastebin link.
  • You can enter multiple times, but I’d suggest you cap it at 2 entries at most, and each has to have a criteria in it.
  • NSFW fanfics are allowed, however you MUST have a warning when you submit it, and you also are not allowed to go to far (i.e. fetish stuff and the like).


You can choose 1 of the following, or both if you’re feeling daring.

  • RhysRaptor must make an appearance. They can be the focus, a side-character, a cameo, etc.

  • You must use the phrase “how do I turn off a bottle of vodka”


There will be up to 5 judges. Me, Perskule, Kokichi and OKK (if they are both fine with it), and a secret judge. [This line will be updated once the judges have been finalized]

Judges may enter, but they will not judge their own fanfiction.

Closing Date

The competition will close on the 28th.


1st place will win an Exotic of their choosing (weapon or hat).

If more than 4 people enter, there will be other prizes. These will range from good weapons to scrap prizes. [This will be edited once the prizes have been finalized]

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.


I see Rhys really wants to be a part of the steamy action :wink:


Time for more hmod bible!


this isnt something i want to be notified about. why.


This is my shitty attempt at an scp article.

Note: Duck doesn’t actually talk like he talks in this. My English is still shit. Enjoy

Scp-6069 https://pastebin.com/WCx0ckrU


wait countdown is real?


good, good, big good


Apokalypse of saint Pasta.txt (4.4 KB)

First I did the genesis of hmod now I saw the end.


but duck is like 50 cm


Shush gamer


-1 I thought the doctors name was always redacted


Nah it was really good, I like the theme of SCP and that you did it in the style.


the end and the start anew.txt (2.7 KB)
welp here is my entry Doubt itl win but i get to do a little expositioning


while yes the doctors names sometimes get removed that is not always the case
Prime example
Dr bright.


dr dim ololololololololololollolo


multiple spelling mistakes and only 509 words 0/10 you loose good day sir


bad comment misspelled lose




(is it a complete sentence)


The Quad & the Rest of The Staff Team

It was a Friday night. The Quad (Doug Dimmadone, a “Quirky Duck”, a blue smurf from 2112, and a sky-high pile of gamblers) came on after receiving notice of a potential hacker. The smurf and the duck joined first into the map island. Blu only truly joined in a few seconds after the round started. Sadly that was too late as the duck shot him at round start from behind the boat to guarantee he’d be ready to spectate. The pile of gamblers connected to the server 15 seconds into the round. Blu noticed him connecting when he got the steam notification that Perskule has started up gmod, and made sure to prepare a kick for when he got through lua. after kicking Perskule Blu returned his attention to the hacker. Said suspected hacker went into tower and started sniping though a window in the center of the tower. Blu who had started speccing noticed what he thought to be locking on when killing a man at the house that overlooks the beach. His aim was off by quite a bit and before moving suddenly to his targets head and staying there. Blu immediately started his recording software. This was when the hacker made a blatant mistake; he locked on to someone from behind the wall. Blu typed out “@ I gottem look at hacker catchers” .The Duck was surprised at the speed at which Blu had gotten what he needed. It only took one round he thought to himself, well let’s finish this. Duck had stationed himself behind the ship so that he could only see and be hit when he hasn’t crouched from the tower. He stood up for a split second and crotched again instantly. The hackers shot flew right over duck’s head. Duck was ready he uncroutched right after and unloaded his aug into the window killing the would-be attacker before he could fire again. Duck looked to discord and saw what was blatantly cheating. The cheater was banned before preparing ended. Doug and Perskule joined just after the round started. Duck ran up the path to tower this round after he banned the hacker. Blu on the other hand went around the building with the metal ramp up and came up the path to stare across the bridge. When the round started Blu said in voice chat “Stop where you are duck and walk that ass over to me” Duck confused asked “where are you and why should I” A bullet blew right by his skull after that answering his questions. He quickly dropped his weapons away from the bridge and walked over to Blu. From spectator Perskule asked Doug what was happening as Blu ordered duck across the bridge and into the house that overlooks the beach. Doug replied by asking Perskule to spectate freely in the room a whole in it. Perskule did so and was crippled. A second later a Crippled Doug joined Perskule. Blu and Duck climbed down the ladder to see the two ghostly cripples. Blu then ordered Duck to stand on top of Perskule, and then ragdoll. Duck complied eagerly. The smurf climbed on Doug and was immediately ragdolled. They proceeded to start screeching and go in and out of ragdoll as quickly as they could using binds. The god-awful noise coming out of their mics and the spammed chat got Rhys called on server. RhysRaptor upon experiencing the noise gagged them all and demanded they join a voice chat for a word. What proceded was a long conversation on how to admin powers and how not to admin powers. It may have also included a rant about shutting up and not making noises that would scare the gods.After the scolding the Quad went onto main 2 and continued their previous actions for about 30 minutes. The made many shitty jokes, strengthened relationships, and had even more merry times. They did this while occasionally taking breaks to drink alcohol and relax. Inster had seen the members of the quad in the staff room having a conversation with Rhys. He had wanted to join to fulfill his curiosity to find out what they might have done to get a “talking too”. So when he noticed four people on main 2 he decided it couldn’t hurt to see if it was them. He was not disappointed. When he joined he caught on immediately to what was going on. Enjoying carefree atmosphere the Quad had, he asked to join them. In jest Doug mentioned seeing Inster’s penis as payment for joining them in voice chat. A couple of seconds later he heard a ping. Doug practically screamed “Mother of God!”. His outburst in what had been a relaxed voicechat was questioned by the other members of the quad. In response Doug simply sent them what he had seen. Within seconds the other members of the quad understood his surprise. The quad had heard legends of Insters splendor. It was fair to say everyone had heard the rumors, afterall, it was impossible to miss them. It was a matter of fact that Rhys had gone on record saying “yeah you can’t describe Insert’s penis in that much detail”. The fellow staff had numerous comments describing the rod as “majestic, glorious, and wondrous”. Many had wrote it off simply as hyperbole on the part of the commenters. The quad learned those comments we’re truly legitimate. No that’s not true. Those comments didn’t do the rod justice. Little did they know wasn’t the only surprise they were in for on that fateful night…


There will be a follow-up, I will make it at a later date.