Jahcoin's ban appeal


ok so long story short 3000 told me like 3 times to stop micspamming and i messaged him saying “do you know there is a personal mute button?” and pretty much I was being a cunt for 10 minutes straight and I got muted then began asking way to many questions in the admin chat and just being disruptive and I apologize but yeah paddy banned me for 1 week out of the blue with no warning which I kinda do think is alittle over board ): but yeah I apologize to everyone because I was being super annoying in the chat.

I won’t mic spam or argue with the mods anymore I’m sorry.


Sounds like you should have read this before joining the server.


Follow this format please. Furthermore, include your steam ID for reference. When I’m home we’ll have a chat.
@3000 @RhysRaptor for your convenience as you were present.


You were intentionally trying to bait me and I called your bluff.

I asked you to stop making loud noises and instead of toning it down, you doubled down and pissed me, Paddy and Rhys off. In the end, you got exactly what you wanted. A reaction.

I’d say cut a few days off the ban and perhaps take the time to chill out.


I can’t really say it better than what 3000 has already said. My real concern is that this is indicative not only of your behavior at the point of your ban, but all the time. Each time you login I hold my breath and brace for impact, and it’s never too long before seven hundred and eighty-three thousand one hundred and ninety-two reports are inbound and your name is always on them.

If you’re genuinely intending on staying here, there has to be a significant change in how you carry yourself. Right now it’s drama and all staff and helpers who have had dealings with you are at the end of their tethers with you.

@jahcoin_currency I’d like to hear from you before a final decision is made on ban reduction.

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