Official Rules -2.0 Update-


rules seem balanced but what about the exploiting, so many people prop surf


when you bump a dead thread instead of reading the original post to find the rules about prop surfing





Well, i was wondering, is destroying paths (the skyscraper map with a lot of building of which i can’t remember the name of) is KOSible, because i got killed because of it, and i’m not sure if it counts as a T action.


Would depend on the context. Was there somebody about to cross the path? Is it preventing somebody exit from an area? It’s quite a complex thing I’d say, but the act in and of itself is circumstantial and isn’t something that you should be killed for alone. There has to be additional factors.


I have read the rules. I am a good boi


good boi :slight_smile:


I have read all the rules and continued to break them am I a good boy?


no ur a banned boi :slight_smile:




People who are caught bribing each other to RDM others will be very harshly punished.


@Aldron can you edit this post to include above comment? That way, people can’t be like ‘not against the rules aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’ or something kthanksbb


Can there be also full clarification on “In Game throwing” Where the T calls out their Fellow T to become “Proven.” I have seen this happen a few times on the MC sever and i do not see anything said about it in the rules.

Also full clarification if Innocents Are Terrorists And Traitors are Not Unless im missing something.


hahahaha but my logic is wrong


The things you’ve mentioned is basically in the rules. Bribing someone to rdm someone else is still rdm. They are literally causing the random death of another player for any valid reason. Same thing with the Game throwing. It’s all common sense and if retards don’t understand that, ban them. No need to add it to the rules.


Bribing is punished hard so imma just false kos for free and get 1 slay :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


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Don’t team, lads. Please.


Can old staff members do it?
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What’s the difference between this and if somebody was to just walk on somebody’s incendiary and die?