Official Rules -2.0 Update-


Okay so since there’s been lots of whine, I’m gonna add these rules here. They’re not the official ones (harry edit: they are the official rules now), more as a guideline for new players on what they can and can’t do. If you have any suggestions on things that should be removed or added, you’re free to comment on this post.

Well, here you go guys.

1.0 General Information

1.1 In-Game Names
Your steam name must have readable characters that can also be pronounced in English to ensure that you can be targeted in-game. It has to be easy to read in the common English language, failure to change your name will result in punishment;
An example of an okay name: Oskar. Aaron, xX_BBmonster_Xx
An example of a not okay name: **"!#%%&, Я перевел это, ይህንን እተረጉመዋለሁ

1.2 Discrimination
Discrimination in any form (sexism, racism, prejudicial remarks) are not permitted on any server.

1.2b Sprays
Any sprays that might seem offensive to others (Racial things, sexual, swastikas etc) Or any kinds of pornographic sprays are prohibited.

1.3 Disrespect
Users of the Harrysmod community server are to conduct themselves respectfully at all times. This rule is also in relation to rule 1.2

1.4 Scamming
Now, for some people this isn’t obvious that it’s a bad thing and shouldn’t be done on anyone and is prohibited and will lead to a ban. If you fall for a scam, your items will not be refunded. If you catch someone attempting to scam you or anyone else, make a report of the accused, including any sort of evidence you may have. Any kinds of scam/fraud is strictly forbidden, wether it was just as a joke or not, do not do it.

1.5 Micspam
Spamming is unacceptable; do not repeat messages more than once in a short space of time. However the short commands are not spam unless it’s being overly used.
Spamming the microphone is also unacceptable in any format, whether it be screaming, singing, repeating yourself or playing music unless another rule states otherwise. However repeatedly saying a player’s in-game name calling KOS, saying who you are with etc. is not microphone spamming because it is helping other players inside the game.

1.6 Client Side Modification (hacking)
Do not attempt to modify your client to gain an advantage on our server. This includes, but isn’t limited to: hacks and scripts.

1.7 Ghosting/Meta-gaming
Speaking through third-party software outside of the game gives players a unfair advantage, should you be speaking to other players inside of your game through, a third-party software, you must not disclose any in-game information. [I.e If you die, who you died by etc.]

1.8 Avoiding Punishment
If you are being addressed by a staff member, do not leave without their permission to do so. This also includes ban evasion, if you are banned you are not permitted to join the server until the ban expires. If a player decides to leave with a pending “auto-slay” or “Slay Next Round” then they will be punished for doing so.

1.9 Exploiting/Glitching
Purposely abusing unintentional game features is prohibited. Going into secret rooms, propsurfing to otherwise unreachable or hidden areas are also prohibited. Although, propsurfing (for example) on the top of the lighthouse is allowed, since the player can be seen for any sides… But, propsurfing outside of the map, glitching a door stuck, placing props in ways/places it’s not supposed to be at (getting a door stuck for example) Is prohibited.

2.0 In-Game Character Rules

2.1 Random Death Match
Any player without valid reasoning cannot kill another player, appropriate reasoning to kill the player is needed. This is otherwise known as RDM (Random Death Match).

2.2 In-game warnings to players.
When issuing a warning to a player in-game, make sure that it is through the chat medium so that everyone can see it. Make sure that you give the player a couple warnings (Minimum of 2) after that you may then declare a KOS on because of their actions. Make sure you have around 3-4 seconds gap between the warnings. An example of this would be if a player is following you through the map, then you can KOS them after warnings have been given. After the second-warning it will not be classed as RDM.

2.2b Detective Warnings/KOS Reasons.
As a detective, you may issue a warning to players to not do/use something, but you must still use valid KOS reasons, and not make up your own false reasons. Some examples of valid detective KOS reasons are (AND can only be used on OVERTIME);

Refusing to go into the traitor tester after being asked multiple times.
Using a health station repeatedly without permission.
Refusing to cease fire.
These are not all the valid scenarios for detectives to KOS someone, but make sure that they follow what is stated above relating to false reasons.

2.3 T-baiting as an Innocent
When in-game you cannot commit traitorous acts as innocent/detective. Some examples:
Do not shoot nearby players to scare them. Just don’t shoot randomy at all, there’s no reason to do so.
Do not throw random incendiaries or discombobs towards or near other players without a valid reason for doing so.
Do not carry around explosives
Do not try to propkill/push. same rules apply with crowbar pushing. Disregard this if you are a traitor.

2.4 Player Versus Player
IMPORTANT. If two individuals are fighting and you have no proof of which could be the traitor, you must wait before joining in the fight until one player dies and they either; identifies the body/round ends/question them.

2.5 Valid KOS reasons
There are many KOS reasons and they all work in different situations and scenarios, here are a few;

Holding/Using a Traitor only weapon without announcing that he got it from a traitor.
Ignoring unidentified bodies/C4 etc.
Destroying Testers
Declaring invalid KOS on other players
Turning themselves in I.e “I’m a traitor, in the traitor room” etc.
Seeing a player inside of a Traitor only room.
Failure to answer to a life check. (only in overtime. See rule 2.8)
Throwing an incendiary grenade that damages other players or near the players(see 2.3 for more details).
Pushing someone with a crowbar near an edge or hazard.
Innocents only Preventing an Innocent victory or Goal (This includes diamond blocks/Gold block/Killing santa)

2.6 Invalid KOS reasons
There are many invalid KOS reasons which are not allowed within the server, here are a few;

A player uses the same weapon as the killer (This one’s a bit difficult. Depends on several things)
The player has this skin or that hat etc…
A player is AFK [Ask a member of staff to force them to spectate If no staff or helper is present, feel free to kill them but make sure you give out a warning to others first.]
Being in a public area [Players are allowed free-roam of the map, you cannot KOS someone for entering a area minus traitor only areas]
A grudge held in a prior game upon a player.
A player has taken damage.
The Traitor has a similar hat to the player in question.
The player throws a smoke grenade away from other players.
A player looks at you/follows you [Unless after given some warnings (look at 2.2)]

2.7 Crossfire
This one is a bit difficult. Both the players and the staff will have to come up with a solution. However, if a player is randomly firing at a wall, someone walks infront of it, it is still the shooter who is at fault. If the shooter is firing at a traitor (for example) and another player walks infront of the bullets, gets killed by it, then the staff handling the situation will have to use their own judgement, depending on how careless the shooter was, or if given warnings ( kos this player etc) has been given.

2.8 Life-Check
To life check in-game you must type rather than use your microphone incase players cannot hear it. You must be a detective to start a life check, must be during overtime and everyone must be given sufficient warnings and time(Around 10 seconds) to respond. Once a good amount of time has passed, you may call a KOS if someone has failed to respond. An example of a correct life check is as shown; “Lifecheck - Respond or KOS”

2.9 Door Blocking
Players cannot physically trap a player inside a building/room by blocking a door with props etc. This includes spamming “E” on a door. This is strictly prohibited and will get you punished.
Same rules apply if you barricade yourself in. It still keeps the other players out.

2.9.1 Body Blocking
If a player is body blocking you and causing you not to be able to gain access to a certain area of the map you must give them two warnings to stop and then you may kill the player if they continue to block you. Again, have a small gap (around 3-4 seconds) between the warnings to give them time.

3.0 Camping/Delaying the round
Camping is completely prohibited, especially for the traitors. Traitors may stay in a T-room for a while, using traps, finding an opening etc. But standing there for a long period of time will be considered camping and will get you punished. You have to keep killing players as a T. You may wait and try to find an opening to do it secretly, but failing to kill players after some time will be considered as delaying the round and will get you punished for doing so.

3.1 Overtime
In overtime you can kill on suspicion as the T is taking his time to Kill everyone and you have a feeling, a valid reason he is the T but you can’t prove it. However, the karma loss is on you and you cannot Kill anyone just because its overtime, you need any other reason apart from “Its overtime, so I can kill you”. Most other reasons are fair grounds. Please keep in mind rules 1.2 and 1.3 when you give a reason to kill a player.

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This needs sorting out quickly
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Kosable traitor tester

The steam name can also something “bad” like Cunt, Eboba, Starving african childeren. It is ALLOWED only you wont get much respect out of it

AND throwing nades like incendiary’s, or discombobs near high places
AND carrying explosive barrels
AND trying to propkill them

so basically everything that’s kosable and more

i’d say it shouldn’t be limited to the detective only. like in not overtime its okay, but i’d say that you should be able to life check as inno in overtime.

what if its the other way around? if a player is trapping themselves in a room so nobody can kill them?


No. Door spamming should not be allowed since it prohibits movement between areas if there is only one entrance. Also, anyone can call a live check but only in overtime.


Well… This pretty much covers everything.

Can we still KOS @Countdown


So if somebody already got all their autoslays why may they not leave then? they´ll still have them and will still have to wait for them to be enacted once they rejoin :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Usually people leave while they have slays because they do not want to have to sit there and spectate so they just leave. When that happens, it’s RDM and Leave, some servers ban for that but I just add an extra slay. But I do see your point. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


well, could just be a guy coming on to rdm, then leaves and never comes back. Irl, why jail a guy when he’s the youngest, waste the best part of his life instead of jailing him when he’s old, until he dies of age? :P.

It has no purpose then.


One thing we need to add is a rule regarding “Killing an Innocent for KOSing/Killing an Innocent”. Like just now someone came up to me and started crowbarring me and I blasted them away with my shotgun and ID’d the body and they were inno. Someone started shooting me and I told him that he was crowbarring me and he killed me still. I think if someone kills/KOS’s someone and they turn out to be innocent and they give an excuse as to why they KOS’d/killed them, they shouldn’t be killed to. You never know what happened? You just come around the corner and see someone standing over a dead inno body having just been killed. You didn’t witness what happened so you should not have a say in who should be killed next. just my input. Feel free to give yours too.


Well, Nick that will cause other problems aswell. If we would have that rule, enforce it. It would be really difficult to beat the Ts. If there’s 2 guys fighting, the T wins. How would you kill him? You didn’t see the fight happen, you just got there and saw the final bullet killing the other guy. Then the T goes up to you and kills you and you have no way of defending yourself without being called out for rdming. If it makes any sense to you :stuck_out_tongue:


I see what you’re saying. I guess. You’re right.


I think the way it is now is better. The guy attempted to rdm you and then caused you to die is at fault. So it’s just to raise the punishment. But thanks for your input, it’s always welcome :smiley:


This rule that said that you should let them fight is really good because most of the time I get killed by an detective because I wanted to kill an fucking T


what about the common 3 consecutive english letters rule?


Whats that?


omg you dumb//// I said some players do not have 3 consecutive english letters in their name so we have to target them with the menu. should there be a rule prohibiting players without that or no


yeah but i like that this is the only server i can say the n word on


shut you you ***********************************


no Idea what the common 3 consecutive english letters rule mean xD


U need to have a name like ABC not A B C


ahh ok. I’d say it’s fine. You can still pronounce it normally. Sure, it won’t be possible to for example slay a player through the chat when they have that name. But you can still just do it through the menu.

Don’t be lazy!