Why Don't The People Have A Voice?

As I’m sure most of you are aware by now, the ‘staff team’ took the decision to remove me from my helper role, initially for a week but then permanently after appealing and complaining about it. The initial reason for this demotion was down to ‘Abuse’ which they have refused to show any evidence of, only taking the word of a select few to make a decision. Having requested that evidence be provided for this they’ve since changed their tune to demotion for ‘Attitude/Slaying Out Of Spite’. Their evidence for the ‘attitude’ is because I reacted to being demoted with very little reasoning or explanation and once again they’ve provided no evidence of ‘slaying out of spite’, claiming the word of a few people once again is enough. Out of the people I’ve interacted with during this time I’ve been demoted, only 2 have agreed with the demotion. Both of these 2 have only been online once at the same time as me as far as I’m aware. Everyone else, including people who I’ve had disagreements with in the past, disagrees with this decision. This is due to the fact that I’ve been on regularly, dealt with reports consistently well, been a helpful advisor to newcomers and just played my part in the community. These are reasons given by not just myself, but by regular players who see me in my role on a day to day basis. Again, no-one I’ve spoken to even knows who could’ve complained, which only increases my suggestion of false complaints. They also suggest that some ‘staff’ have complained about me. None of the full-time staff play the same hours as me so I very rarely see many of them. The only ones I really see are Kokichi and Rhys, so unless it was one of them that complained, then these claims are clearly wide of the mark. If they include helpers in that bracket then the ones I see are usually Lazy, Cranger, Obama, Ice, Paddy and Picksie. Again I doubt any of these complained. The staff team have refused to reveal where these complaints have come from and have refused to highlight any situation where I’ve caused problems. This suggests to me that the staff are losing touch with the players, only choosing to listen to a select few they ‘trust’ rather than the community as a whole. This would also be evident by the recent addition of another layer to the hierarchical structure of Harry’s Mod separating the players even further from those with power. It’s becoming a case where if you’re not part of the close circle at the top, then you have no input and your voice won’t be heard. This needs to change as it’s already been proven by the poor handling of this demotion situation. Notice how staff and helpers that rarely play yet cause problems when they come online get to keep their roles. They’re part of that circle where they’ve become untouchable. I won’t expect any response from staff except maybe just to ban me for having differing views and taking the easy way out. But with that said, I’d encourage those who play alongside me on a regular basis to share their opinions on this situation and how well of a job they think I did or didn’t do. As one of the co-ordinators for the ‘Late Night Movement’ that some of you might be aware of, I know for a fact that there are many who think I’ve done a good job. Infact 100% so far have had positive views on how I’ve done as a helper. The only other helper with a 100% positive feedback ratio from this is Obama who is probably one of the helpers we’ve had on this server in my opinion. Obviously I did most of the surveying myself so if people want to exclude any biased and go around asking about me then feel free but I’m confident you’ll get the same responses. With this being a potential farewell one way or another, I urge you all to remember that you have a voice and remember who the server should be for. #FreeTheWaffles #ForThePeople #GoodbyeWaffle

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yea yea whatever fuck off already, no one will miss you


honestly glad you’re gone you were a payne in the ass


have noticed ive spelt pain wrong there, dont know how to edit. Sorry


Okay so there are some issues with this, but the main one is this:

This is completely false. The reasons were explained in the initial discussion.

Secondly, I have no intention of telling you who complained, as this makes complaining completely pointless.

Third point, taken from the helpers read me:

If you abuse your power, break the rules or don’t follow the guidelines, you’ll be removed from helper straight away. This role is flexible and you are replaceable.

As I, and other staff felt that we needed to take action, we did.


i can’t believe i have to spell it out to you

You haven’t thought, for a singular moment at all, that maybe instead of it being entirely the fault of staff, it’s partially the fault of Staff and mostly the fault of you being an self-absorbed, arrogant and largely unpleasant cunt?

Your dreadful behaviour is the exact reason why you were permanently demoted from Helper and the very fact you’re throwing such a shitfit both on the forums and directly towards specific Staff members isn’t gonna make us change our minds. The very fact of the matter is this: you’ve been a consistent cunt during your time as Helper, to the point of repeatedly trying to set off other players with shitty arguments and whatnot.
If you actually wanted us to reconsider removing your position as Helper, you would’ve perhaps taken some fucking responsibility for your mistakes as opposed to just throwing unbelievably stupid tantrums and pinning the blame on others, even when it’s very blatantly your fault.

Oh, before I finish this: if anyone actually had nice things to say about you being Helper on HMod, why haven’t they said anything now?


As a mod comment, anyone who moves this to shitposting or tries to edit the post in any way will be banned.


technically he was already like that, some sperg thought lets make this filth of a human being staff





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So you want me to apologise for things which aren’t even highlighted. You can’t give me one situation where I’ve abused anyone. I can’t apologise for things I’m not even made aware of, surely that’s obvious. Quite frankly I’d expect some more professionalism from an experienced member of staff rather than throwing insults around like they’re going out of fashion.

Heheheheheheheheheh thank you guys


For people who don’t like to read, Luke said:

Waa goo goo ga ga, Me baby, I got demoted from a server, that I can still play on, waa waaa goo goo ga ga.

And everyones response was:


I don’t understand why people think we are gonna ban them for having an opinion.

Most of the great ideas and suggestions have come from complaints/comments from the player base. I have no intention of banning you for having said opinion. I do disagree with it, however.


Is that an opinion? Banned. Sorry duckman.


rolls eyes


Lets settle the shitposts down lads

Hey so this is locked temporarily whist a couple other staff make responses. After there are up, I’ll unlock the post but please keep shitposting to a minimum.


How many times were you told and/or asked to tone down the attitude, arrogance, cockiness, etc? I know I told/asked you many times myself. You never listened. You just got worse with it. Look at how you’ve acted since being demoted. Many cases of continued arrogance and cockiness. We told you many times what to do. You ignored all of it. Honestly I don’t really know what to say.

You have this made-up narrative of day players hating night players, which is blatantly false. You have this strange idea that the staff just sit back and hide things for the fun of it, which again is false but sure, go ahead and throw accusations at us. This “untouchable” thing is quite interesting, I must say. Just because you don’t see what happens, doesn’t mean we don’t do anything. You witnessed Euan getting demoted, so I don’t know where you’re getting this idea from.

Honestly I’m just disappointed. Both in your lack of paragraphs and by your inability to listen to advice. I’m done here.


Inserts Dissects this pile of crap

Yes that’s how it works. people have an issue and its upto The person who promoted you to make the decision
CCX9010 Is FULLY responsible for your promotion its up to him and HIM alone to choose if your a good helper. Now for this point to work the one thing we need to understand is We don’t need to show you who complained about you and the proof CCX has. If you read the helper Read me you would understand this point

Hello, good job on becoming a helper! You have been selected by a staff member to be a trusted individual who helps with the server when no staff are online.
As well as If you abuse your power, break the rules or don’t follow the guidelines, you’ll be removed from helper straight away. This role is flexible and you are replaceable.

CCX9010 Is responsible for you and he is the one who fully decides. This is how It works.
If you read what he told you in the beginning he would of promoted you back if you calmed down and changed your demeanor. But this just shows how much of a self absorbed idiot you are.

As my point is clear at the top. this again is useless here. CCX9010 made the decision and you don’t need to know who complained. If you think CCX9010 Is lying then your clearly so self absorbed that you think your perfect. But this ENTIRE FUCKING THREAD PROVES IT, Look at how many people approve of the memes shit talking you. not to mention how you talked to everyone around you and how to acted In the demote. Everyone here isn’t banding with you. They are banding against you.

This again is the same iterated point again. Why do you need to find out who complained? Do you need to? If you read my argument you don’t need to. The Full community Does have a right to say if there is an issue but has there been any complaints made by you UNTILL this point. NO. I haven’t seen any reports of staff being fully abusive or calls for demotes. Proving this point wrong as the community are happy with staff Apart from one little snowflake Who is having a hissy fit as the staff who decided to demoted you.
Also - You’re still a player. Don’t forget to have fun. If you don’t want to be dealing with reports or RDM right now you don’t have to.
Staff have lives too. Of course they come on, they want to play. And the point again if you had an issue you would of made an report and brought it up but here you are throwing shit to push your flawed point. There is a system in place to handle this and Euan was demoted for his shit.
But you didn’t use it for anyone else.

Euan was demoted. we are very touchable. that’s why we have community managers to manage the server. Harry isn’t good at it but you be damn sure CCX9010 Was the one carrying this server. He got me and other staff promoted. He nagged harry to create the Helper system. which he choose you to become
Finally again same iterated point. Its upto CCX, he promoted you

So to Sum it up

  1. CCX9010 Is in charge of you and decides to promote and demote you, you are expendable and can be chosen at will. He is very trust worthy in how he acts and has proven again and again he knows what he is doing. He fought for this server.
  2. He decided that you needed to take a chill pill and calm down and reconsider how you handle yourself
  3. You didn’t change abit and proved he was right to demote you cause you acted like an self absorbed brat.
  4. You dragged up unnecessary points and did not do the things you complained about when systems are in place. Euan was demoted. there is a way to complain about issues.
  5. you cause this issue and now you still act entitled.

Maybe you will change and become better. I don’t think so/