Hat creation central


Hats are great. I want to have as many hats as possible. Which is why hat creation is open to the public, and is super easy to do! For every hat you create, you’ll receive a version of it with the unique Community Sparkle unusual effect that does not drop in loot boxes.

Here’s how to get started.

  1. Get PAC3 (You can find it here)
  2. Open GMod and start a sandbox game
  3. Type pac_editor in console to open the editor
  4. Make your hat
  5. Click File -> Save and enter a file name
  6. Go to data\pac3 in your garrysmod folder
  7. Upload the file to any hosting site
  8. Paste a link here with a screenshot of your hat.

If your hat gets approved, it will start dropping in loot boxes after a new update is released.


The return of 3pac, 2pac’s half brother?
Edit: I get a badge for this!


What a baddie. do you even meme?


Upload the files to any file hosting site, I don’t really care as long as they can be downloaded.


Nightvision goggles:



My Masterpiece:


my favourite :heart_eyes:


Introducing my first and slightly crappy hat; The Birthday Bash,
As well as my first ‘mask’; A briefcase



gratz on release ya bender


The Devil Mask;

Tam o’ Shanter


Maybe you can also add skins for the charactor


Skins can make the hitbox hard to see, so i don’t believe they will ever be added.


Harry said he isn’t adding plauermodels cause it adds to the download when you are joining the server, he is sticking with those that are already on the server.


Rip playermodels 2017-2017


Stack O’ Shades



I like that a lot


The Devil Mask is the best one


i would like to have these hast in the game


Yikes, look at ajgunstone, mega ass


@meharryp i was bored so i had a go